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To improve the quality of nursing care to clients and patients in the UAE in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our commitment and our responsibility as part of the healthcare team are to help people to achieve and maintain health in all stages of their lives. We do this by professionalizing and legalizing nursing services; by standardizing, improving and monitoring nursing systems and procedures in hospitals and health centers; and by selecting, training, developing, and retaining adequate and quality human resources. In all activities we will apply sound management practices based on efficiency, cost-effectiveness and consideration of the needs of both nurses and health care recipients.


Nursing will be recognized as a profession in its own right, providing quality care and playing a major role in health promotion, disease prevention and patient care.

Strategic Goals
1. Legalize the nursing profession through a nurse practice act.
2. Maintain a live register for all nurses practicing in the UAE.
3. Develop adequate human resources, qualified, skilled and committed nurses to meet the growing demands     for health care services.
4. Establish standardized and improved nursing systems and procedures.
5. Establish training and continuing education programs to enhance and introduce knowledge to our nurses.
6. Apply cost control and efficiency measures.
7. Promote cooperation with other disciplines in the health team.
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